iPad theft!

iPad stolen

One of the neighborhood’s first iPad thefts was reported on Nov. 6 after a thief snagged the high-profile device on the stairs at the Flushing Avenue J-train station.

The perp grabbed a woman’s iPad at 7 pm and fled toward Broadway. The victim chased after him for a block, but lost him and twisted her ankle in the process. The good news is that there is an app for that.

She hobbled to nearby Woodhull Hospital, where she was treated for a sprained ankle.


A perp broke into a Metropolitan Avenue apartment on Nov. 2 and stole its tenant’s laptop.

The tenant left her building at 10 pm to visit her boyfriend, but when she returned to Olive Street the next day, she discovered that her kitchen window was wide open and her computer was missing.

Pellet gun

A perp shot man with a pellet gun on Manhattan Avenue on Nov. 5.

The 45-year-old victim was walking near Seigel Street at 2:40 am when he heard to loud popping sounds and felt a pain in his back. He stumbled into an L train and took it to a hospital.

Home robbery

A perp snatched a woman’s purse near her Manhattan Avenue home on Nov. 5.

The thug approached his victim near McKibbin Street at 10:15 pm and put his hand around her mouth and his arm around her neck. He then grabbed her bag and fled.

Fence push

Two perps pushed their victim against a fence at Powers Street on Nov. 5, and took his phone.

The perps approached the man near Leonard Street and shoved him against a fence there at 11:45 pm. They rifled his pockets and took a phone before fleeing towards Metropolitan Avenue.

oyPhone grab

A thief grabbed an iPhone from a man on Metropolitan Avenue on Nov. 6.

The perp approached his victim from behind near Manhattan Avenue at 9:20 pm, choked him and forced him to a ground. He then took the iPhone and fled.

Laptop punch

Two thugs threw their victim to the ground and punched him in the face on S. Fifth Street on Nov. 6 — all to take his laptop.

The perps approached their victim near Havemeyer Street at 10:20 pm, grabbing him and throwing him to the ground. One thug struck his head while the other took his laptop and iPhone before they fled down Havemeyer Street.

Phone firearm

Three thugs stole a phone from a man on Keap Street on Nov. 6.

The perps walked up to him at Ainslie Street at 9 pm when one of them snatched his phone out of his hands. Incredulous, the man approached the perp who took his phone, but reconsidered after a second perp pointed a black firearm at him.

A third perp tripped him before the trio fled towards Union Street.

Hooper burglary

A thief broke into a Hooper Street apartment on Nov. 7 and stole a laptop.

The tenant left her apartment near S. Third Street at 7 am, but when she returned at 10 pm, she found that her computer was gone.

Phone grab

A thief snatched a woman’s Blackberry right out of her hand on Ainslie Street on Nov. 7.

The perp grabbed the phone at 9:30 pm as the owner was talking on it, and fled down Union Avenue.