It’s food gossip time!

It’s food gossip time!
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

Williamsburg plays chicken and Prospect Heights raises the standard on subs, but it’s Park Slope’s cups that truly runneth over in this week’s edition of incredible edible gossip.

Our heroes:

The guys behind Chuko, the first-rate ramen house in Prospect Heights, have an upcoming premium sandwich shop. “Honestly, really great sandwiches are difficult to find around here, so that’s what we want to do — in the Chuko style of course,” owner Jamison Blankenship said. “Great bread, meats roasted daily, all simple and delicious at a really great price.” The team is still in negotiations for a nearby space, but Blankenship promises to ply us with details as soon as they arise!

Due South:

According to Eater, Kerry Diamond and Robert Newton — the team behind Carroll Garden favorites Seersucker and Smith Canteen — are putting their devilled eggs in Brooklyn’s basket once again with yet another Southern-loving restaurant. The exact location is still to be determined, but bound to make lucky locals feel finer n’ a frog hair split four ways.

Got buttermilk:

Here’s another dose of Southern comfort — the boys of Buttermilk Channel are bringing their signature chicken and waffles to the teeming hordes of Smorgasburg. It doesn’t really matter whether you choose to wait in line in Williamsburg on Saturday or at the restaurant in Carroll Gardens on Sunday — you’ll still be cooling your heels for a plate of maple-vinegar or hot sauce and honey smothered drumsticks.

Bread again:

The barely one-year-old Zito’s Sandwich Shoppe is really on a roll! Not only are owners Marcello Bucca and Enzo Conigliaro expanding their business to Coney, and debuting portable sammy carts on the streets of the Slope this summer, the Park Slope Patch reports that they’ll replace panini pros Press 195 in their Fifth Avenue space this June. “We’re going to go over there, put on some Beastie Boys and Biz Markie, throw some marinara sauce on the wall and make fresh mozzarella,” Bucca told the Patch. “I figure anywhere the Talde guys go, we can benefit from their spill over.”

Bierly legal:

Zito’s can certainly expect to see some healthy competition from their soon-to-be next door neighbor, Bierkraft, who also have some brew-ly exciting news. Grub Street reveals that CB6 unanimously approved a plan for the high-end hops shop to begin making and selling their own homegrown brands of lager, stout, and IPA.”We’ll be brewing beer like Ma and Pa did 1,000 years ago,” co-owner Ben Granger said. “We’re trying to set the example for everyone else to follow. If you’re a beer bar, you should be doing this.” We’ll raise a glass to that!

Muy caliente:

What the Slope has lost in pristine California rolls, they’ve gained in tasty (and decidedly less expensive), Cali-style tacos. Here’s Park Slope reports that Calexico — the beloved Cal-Mex mini chain, will move into Blue Ribbon Sushi’s old spot at 278 Fifth Ave. Besides vowing to “support local schools, charities and sports teams,” and maintain respectable noise levels in an open letter to the neighborhood, the Vendy award winning eatery told every Park Slope parent what they want to hear — that they’ll be offering a kids menu.