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IT’S ONLY MY OPINION – Questions for your next cocktail party

My Merriam-Webster’s 11th Collegiate Dictionary offers twelve different definitions for the word ‘question’. To most of us a question is a word or sentence for the person doing the inquiring to collect information. Often the question is asked, not to gather knowledge but to make a statement. The following is a collection of both. Jot them down. You might want to use them at your next cocktail party when the conversation slows to a boring whisper.


Now that the airlines are nickel and diming us by charging for luggage, water and early seat selection, when do you think they’ll be installing pay toilets?

Where is that blue dress? It should be hanging in the Smithsonian.

Have you noticed that the more liberal a region is the more poverty is present in that area? Which came first – the chicken or the egg?

Other than Senator Clinton, who would you like to see as a contestant on the TV show “The Moment Of Truth?”

Do cigar smokers realize how horrible they smell? The stench stays with them in their clothing, their hair and naturally, their breath.

Does America really believe the gushing speech, well crafted by the best professionals, that Michelle read from a teleprompter at the start of the Democrat convention? I suppose there are enough gullible Americans that believe her because they want to. I still believe that she’s an angry woman but, does it matter? She’s not running. He is.


When did macaroni become pasta? When did “No problem” replace “You’re welcome?”

When did “Hello” become “Hey?”

When did the gals in guys and gals become guys also?

From the NRA – Will the next president protect our Second Amendment rights?

How do defense attorneys do it with a straight face?

Why do defense attorneys tell us that it’s about justice when everybody knows that it’s all about winning? Wow – That’s a great line to use during voir dire when you don’t want to serve on the jury.

Will they ever fix the situation for jurors at the Brooklyn courthouse? Last I heard was that the toilets were still filthy, the seats were hard dirty wooden benches, and the people in charge spoke to the potential jurors with disrespect. Do you blame people for not wanting to serve?


Why do motorists who yak on the cell phone while driving do it in the left lane? Give us a break and move to the right. Better yet – stop talking while driving. You’ll be a lot safer if you pull over to finish your conversation.

Is there any time, other when discussing the weather, that we use the word “inclement?”

Why are there still some states that refuse to pass Jessica’s law? What the hell is wrong with them?

Why does Keith Olbermann spend so much time attempting to find fault with Bill O’Reilly? I think he’s just jealous that the Big O is on top and he’s nowhere near.….. in the ratings that is.


Why do we never see more than one “homeless” person at a time begging at an intersection? Who is he paying off to keep the competition away?

Is it really profitable for home team baseball games to be televised? One would think that only away games should be televised while common sense tells me that local blackouts would bring more fans to the ballpark….. but then again, with those new astronomical prices … I’ll watch my Mets on the tube.


Why do people always say that unmarried teenage mommies on welfare are nobody’s business but their own? I disagree. If mother and child are being supported by our taxes then it certainly is our business.

American teenagers are so smart. They know all about how to make babies. I am StanGershbein@Bellsouth.net asking, when will they learn how NOT to?


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