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It’s plane noisy

Park Slopers are sick and tired of the airplane noise roaring overhead — and now they’re issuing demands!

The newly formed “Brooklyn Against Aircraft Noise” wants the feds to rotate flight patterns so the same houses don’t get the same noise and pollution all the time.

“We recognize that planes must fly somewhere and we are not asking to push the problem off to other neighborhoods — we are all in this together,” said an organizer, whose group’s formation was first reported on the neighborhood Web site Brownstoner.

The noise has gotten progressively worse in the last two years, partly because the Port Authority moved a landmark that guides pilots to LaGuardia. That shift drew approaching planes slightly westward and over the heart of Park Slope, an agency representative told Community Board 6 in June.

Airport officials had hinted that the return of the beacon might solve the problem, but noted that the noise is a casualty of living in a big city, with multiple airports.

“That’s the way it is,” said a system support manager from the FAA, Mark Ward, at the June meeting. “From our air-traffic perspective, we’re going to land the planes in the most efficient way possible … Park Slope is right in the final approach.”

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