Julie Klausner is going to have a great ‘Week’ at the Bell House

Julie Klausner is going to have a great ‘Week’ at the Bell House
Photo by Ari Scott

Raucous red-headed comedienne and author Julie Klausner will host the first-ever live episode of her beloved podcast, “How Was Your Week?” at the Bell House — but don’t expect an experience you can liken to listening on your headphones on your way to work in the morning.

“It’s going to be an extravaganza! We’re going to blow it out! It’ll be a variety show!” Klausner said. “Unless it backfires. Then it’ll just be me and my laptop onstage.”

In Klausner’s case, backfiring is unlikely — she’s a veteran improv performer whose credits include the Upright Citizens Brigade, VH1’s “Best Week Ever,” and a web series for “Funny or Die”; whose podcast was named one of the 10 best on the Internet-airwaves by Rolling Stone and GQ; and whose debut book, “I Don’t Care About Your Band,” was recently optioned for a television series.

What’s more, she’s lined up Ted Leo, of indie darlings Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, to perform the podcast’s themesong onstage and act as house band. Comedians Paul F. Tompkins, Fred Armisen, Billy Eichner and Alex Scordelis, among others, will deliver bits and quips throughout the evening.

“It’ll be like having a cocktail party,” Klausner said. “But people are watching, and they’re not resentful, like I usually am at parties.”

“How Was Your Week?” has gained tremendous momentum during its seven months — Klausner started writing and recording her weekly show, which typically features two guests per episode and touches on the major trends and topics of discussion of that particular week, in her kitchen in March, 2011 — and discovered, almost by accident, how cathartic the experience of having one’s own show can be.

“Who ever gets the opportunity to do exactly what they want an hour a week?” Klausner said. “It’s like catching up with a friend, who also happens to read US Magazine like you do, and have a sick perspective on it.”

Julie Klausner performs “How Was Your Week?” at the Bell House [149 Seventh St. between Second and Third avenues in Gowanus, (718) 643-6510], Oct. 20, 8 pm, $15. For info, visit www.thebellhouseny.com.