Third time’s not the charm: Kensington burglar caught in the act after multiple robberies

Brooklyn robber arrested in act
Cops cuffed the robber after returning to the scene twice.
Photo by Paul Martinka

Cops nabbed an alleged burglar in the act on Wednesday after he tried robbing a Kensington construction site — for the third day in a row.

The suspect allegedly first broke into the half-built building on Cortelyou Road near Stratford Road on Jan. 6, before scurrying off with a haul of tools, according to Omar Avias, the building’s manager. 

Surveillance video captured the same suspect the following day, seemingly casing out the joint — before leaving empty handed, said Avias. 

The suspect then broke in again through an unlocked door on the third day at around 1:45 pm, allegedly looking for another score of construction equipment — but awaiting workers grabbed the man and held him until police arrived, according to the manager.

The suspect told the construction crew that he was simply there looking for honest work — but his cover-up was undone when they confronted him with the video evidence, said Avias.

“We showed him the video, and he wanted to run,” he said. 

Cops arrived on the scene shortly after and cuffed the man — who also allegedly lifted several hundred dollars of electronics from a nearby store — on felony burglary charges, according to authorities.