KISSed again! Ad defaced blocks from site of W’Burg church vandalism

A vandal scrawled graffiti that looks like KISS makeup on this advertisement at the Lorimer L train station — just blocks from a church where someone defaced a sculpture of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus to look like the 1970s rockers.
Community Newspaper Group / Juliet Linderman

A vandal scribbled KISS masks on an ad in a Williamsburg subway station just four blocks from the Havemeyer Street church where police found a statue of the Madonna and child defaced to resemble the 1970s rockers on Wednesday.

The graffiti writer scrawled marks that look like the makeup worn by KISS bassist Gene Simmons and guitarist Paul Stanley on two models in an ad for the hair care company Miss Jessie’s Original inside the Lorimer Street station over the weekend.

The new graffiti closely resembles the church scrawlings, but unlike the religious vandalism that left the baby Jesus statue with a star around its left eye, the perp marked up the model’s right eye — which is how Stanley wears his makeup.

Police said on Friday they believe the suspect in the religious vandalism at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church is a KISS fan, although it is possible the prankster was just emulating his favorite scene in the classic slacker anthem, “Dazed and Confused.”

A spokeswoman for Gene Simmons declined to comment. An MTA spokesman referred comments to the NYPD, which is currently investigating the subway graffiti.

The hair metal band has deep connections with Williamsburg, where the tribute graffiti has emerged.

Simmons attended Yeshiva in South Williamsburg as a child and Peter Criss, the band’s original drummer, also grew up in the neighborhood.

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Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley in KISS garb.
Photo courtesy of KISS Facebook

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