Knife-toting miscreants grab and threaten man

68th Precinct

Bay Ridge—Dyker Heights

Stabbing showdown

Two knife-wielding villains threatened a guy on 12th Avenue on May 25, according to a police report.

The victim said he was near 62nd Street when the guys came up to him. The first perp grabbed his shirt and said, “Give me your s— or I stab you” while pulling out a knife, police said.

The victim got away and ran toward 64th Street, police said. The brutes chased him for a while but then gave up, the report said.

Lockbox, not Dropbox

An intruder broke into a woman’s home on 72nd Street and stole jewelry and cash stored in a lockbox on May 24, police said.

The woman returned to her home near Fort Hamilton Parkway at 3 pm and noticed her rear kitchen window was open, a police report said.

She then noticed her lockbox was broken, open, and missing its contents: 10 gold bracelets, $5,000, 500 Euros, a PC laptop, a credit card, and a pocket watch, according to the report. The victim said she left her window closed but not locked, police said.

Tire thieves

Police cuffed two guys who they say tried to steal tires off a car parked on 77th Street on May 29, according to a police report.

A witness said he saw two guys with a tire jack and tools working on his neighbor’s silver car near 12th Avenue at 1 am. The suspects fled toward 13th Avenue in a black 2002 Nissan, the witness said.

Police found a spring knife in the car’s center console in their search, the report said.

Lost but not found

A weasel swiped a woman’s purse from a Fifth Avenue movie theater on May 24, police said.

The woman said she realized she didn’t have her things with her when she left the theater near Bay Ridge Avenue around 11 pm. She went back inside, but couldn’t find the designer purse that had $2,000, her driver’s license, and gold diamond earrings in it, police said.

Sweater cover-up

Someone stole a lady’s wallet she hid under a sweater in a 73rd Street bar on May 21 while she smoked outside, a police report said.

The woman left her wallet — which held two debit cards, one credit card, and her driver’s license — under a friend’s sweater on a table at the bar near Third Avenue around 2 am to go have a smoke outside, police said.

When they returned to the table the sweater was there — but the wallet was gone, police said.

— Tatiana Hernandez

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