Knife-wielding creep takes woman’s phone and purse

90th Precinct


Scholes out

A robber threatened a woman and stole her phone and pocketbook inside her Scholes Street building on Jan. 18.

The victim told police that she entered her building near Graham Avenue at 9:15 pm. That’s when the man approached her and demanded her phone.

She refused, but the man flashed a four-inch knife, so she gave up her phone and her bag and he ran away.


A thief stole a woman’s iPhone from her hand on Rodney Street on Jan. 20.

The woman told cops she was near Borinquen Place at 3 am when the perp approached her and snatched her phone. She stumbled and fell, and he ran away.

Laptop taken

A thief stole an iPhone and laptop from a Grand Street apartment on Jan. 20.

The tenant said she left her building near Marcy Avenue to go to work at 9:30 am. When she returned at 7:30 pm, she saw her stuff was gone.

Church savings

An unholy thief stole $50 from a Montrose Avenue church on Jan. 19.

The friar locked up Most Holy Trinity Church near Manhattan Avenue at 6 pm, but when he returned the next morning, he saw the basement door had been broken and the cash was gone.

iPad grabbed

A thief stole an iPad from a Graham Avenue apartment on Jan. 21.

The tenant said she was in the building’s basement doing laundry at 2 pm. When she returned to her apartment a few hours later, she saw that her iPad was gone.

Cash back

A thief stole $8,000 from an ATM inside a Graham Avenue bodega on Jan. 19.

The store owner told cops that he locked up his grocery near McKibbin Street at 11 pm. When he returned at 7:50 the next morning, he saw the basement door had been broken and the ATM was open.

Canterbury tales

A thief stole lights, power cords and other film equipment from a production company’s Chevrolet parked on S. Fourth Street on Jan. 19.

The Canterbury Production company driver said he parked his car near Keap Street at 11 pm, but when he returned at 7:56 am the next day, he saw the passenger-side door was broken and the property was missing.

Rim job

A thief stole a car’s tires and rims while it was parked on Manhattan Avenue on Jan. 19.

The driver told police that he left his Hyundai near Seigel Street at 10:30 pm. When he returned at 7:30 am the next day, he saw his car was put on cement blocks and his wheels were gone.

GM carried off

A thief stole a General Motors carry-all that its driver parked on Graham Avenue on Jan. 19.

The driver said he left his car near Devoe Street at 7 pm, but when he returned at 10:30 the next morning, he discovered that the car was gone.

Chevy destroyed

A thief tore apart the steering column of a Chevrolet parked on Wythe Avenue on Jan. 20.

The driver said he parked his car near Grand Street at 7:30 pm, but a witness noticed the car was damaged two days later, and its radio, speakers and subwoofer were stolen.

— Aaron Short