Knife-wielding thugs rob woman

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Unauthorized withdrawal

Two knife-wielding thugs forced a Bensonhurst woman to take them to her bank on 86th Street and take out $3,500 on July 23, police say.

The victim said she was at the corner of 78th Street and Bay Parkway at 1 pm when the two pulled up in a Jeep, got out, and flashed a knife. The crooks ordered her to get in the vehicle, then drove her to the Citibank near Bay Parkway.

They made her withdraw the money, then took the loot and sped away.

Kings ransom

A robber held up a bank on Kings Highway for $2,130 on July 26, cops say.

Police said that the crook entered Northfield Bank near W. Seventh Street at 12:05 pm and passed the teller a note.

“I have a gun no die packs,” the slip read.

The clerk opened her register and forked over the cash, and the robber fled on foot.


A pair of punks stole a Bensonhurst man’s iPod Touch and $400 in the 25th Avenue train station on July 24, according to cops.

The victim said he was heading up the stairs at the D stop near 86th Street at 8:50 pm when the two crooks surrounded him.

“What kind of phone is that?” one of the perps asked, before reaching into the victim’s pocket and pulling out his iPod Touch.

The other crook took off the man’s backpack, which held his cash, and the two fled down the steps and out of sight.


A knife-wielding mugger threatened to slit a Bensonhurst man’s windpipe for $20 and a cellphone on W. 11th Street on July 29, said police.

The victim reported that he was near Highlawn Avenue at 12:30 am when the crook approached him on a bicycle and put a blade to his throat.

“Don’t scream or try to do anything or I’ll cut you,” the thug threatened, before going through the man’s pockets and taking his cash and phone.

Serious gamers

A pair of video game freaks stole $2,290 in Nintendo DS systems from the Caesar’s Bay Toys ‘R’ Us on July 25, police report.

Security tapes show the two game nuts entering the store on Bay Parkway at 1:01 am, then opening the locked glass case holding the handheld consoles. The crooks removed dozens of the hot items before leaving.

— Will Bredderman

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