Kruger maintained his innocence — but it was a lie

From the moment he was indicted in March, state Sen. Carl Kruger has been proclaiming his innocence. So given his guilty plea, we thought it would be fun to revisit the earlier lies.

• “My client never accepted a bribe, ever, from anyone for any reason,” said Kruger’s lawyer Benjamin Brafman. “He never abused his office.”

• “Sen. Kruger did absolutely nothing wrong,” Brafman later added.

“I was nothing more than a pawn in this chess game,” Kruger said last year, following the arrest of an alleged co-conspirator. “I have thousands of contributors and, like every elected official around the country, I intercede in government matters and cut through the political red tape for my constituents. But there’s no guaranteed quid pro quo.”

— Colin Mixson