Last week’s Park(ing) Day was fun

Last week’s Park(ing) Day was fun
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

They put the “park” in “parking.”

Park(ing) Day is an annual worldwide DIY event, turning a portion of dull gray pavement typically reserved for stationary cars into vibrant green grass to be enjoyed by everyone. Starting in 2006, the grass roots spirit governs the entire event, encouraging green-thumbs to buy sod, bring in chairs and tables, and veg out.

In Brooklyn, more than a dozen mini-parks were created on Sept. 16.

Elissa Olin of Green in BKLYN converted a parking space into a picnic spot, inviting guests for a hot cup of tea.

“We’re an eco-friendly home goods and gift shop and it’s an eco-friendly idea,” said Olin. “Anything that changes the urban environment to open space like this is always exciting.”

More than 50 people sat outside Green in BKLYN’s impromptu park, a breath of fresh air for the Myrtle Avenue strip.

“I had never spent significant time on Myrtle Avenue and I found that it was a fun and vibrant neighborhood on Park(ing) Day,” said Ian Dutton, who was joined by his wife for a lovely curbside picnic.

The grass is much greener on alternate side parking.