Let’s get ready to juuummmmble!

Let’s get ready to juuummmmble!
The Brooklyn Paper / Michael Short

It’s flea market season. And it’s biking season. Combine those two and you get the Brooklyn Bike Jumble, a bike-themed flea market in Park Slope.

The May 31 event is the brainchild of Harry Schwartzman (pictured), the man behind the NYC Bike Commuter Blog.

“I hope that people come and find themselves a nice bike to ride through the summer,” he said. “My main hope is that this event helps get people riding again.”

And the first step is buying the right bike. Too often, though, the trek for a Trek leads to a search on Craig’s List and a trip to someone’s basement in Queens. But at Schwartzman’s bike market, the wheels come to you.

And so does the community.

“The bike culture in New York is such an amorphous thing,” said Henry Carter, co-owner of the new Brooklyn Bicycles in Park Slope. “There is a sense of camaraderie, but no tangible events or places for all of us to come together.”

“Brooklyn Bike Jumble,” in J.J. Byrne Park [Fifth Avenue between Fourth and Fifth streets in Park Slope, (718) 768-3195], Sunday, May 31, 10 am–2 pm. For info, visit, www.nybikejumble.com.