Hell on hot wheels: ‘Madman’ takes school bus on wild joyride through Brooklyn

A man driving a stolen school bus crashed into seven parked cars and a homeless shelter in East New York on Dec. 2, 2021.
Photo by Lloyd Mitchell

A man is in police custody after taking a school bus on a destructive joyride through Brooklyn Thursday afternoon.

Police received a report of a stolen school bus on the Brooklyn side of the Jackie Robinson Parkway just before 2 pm on Nov. 2, at which time officers responded and caught up to the perp, who authorities would only identify as an adult man. When officers attempted to make an arrest, cops say the suspect allegedly resisted and fled onto the Jackie Robinson, headed into Queens.

The culprit then turned around and made his way back into Brooklyn, where he struck multiple vehicles, beginning with one outside of 1738 East New York Ave. He also careened into a homeless shelter at the corner of Junius Street and Atlantic Avenue.

“This was absolutely insane. He was like a madman,” said a worker at Roadway Collision Experts, who witnessed the chaotic scene. “The cops were trying to stop him. They dragged a woman out of the car as he hit a row of cars.”

A man assesses the damage on his vehicle.Photo by Lloyd Mitchell

The suspect was finally apprehended near the intersection of George and Jamaica avenues, and was taken into custody at the 75th Precinct.

A total of seven cars were struck, as well as one police car. One person and one police officer were transported to an area hospital with minor injuries, according to a Police Department spokesperson.

There were no children on the bus at the time of the heist, according to cops.

Additional reporting by Lloyd Mitchell