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Man shot in guts with crossbow on Bay Parkway

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst–Bath Beach

In the cross hairs

Some crossbow-wielding rogue shot a man in the guts on Bay Parkway on March 24.

Security footage shows the victim standing between W. Ninth and W. 10th streets at around 6:15 am when a black sports utility vehicle drove past, and the victim suddenly stumbled back clutching his stomach, according to a police report.

The car sped off down W. 10th Street then onto Avenue O, police said.

Meanwhile, paramedics rushed the victim to Coney Island Hospital, where doctors repaired a puncture wound to his abdomen and small intestines, cops said.

Big squeeze

A villain wearing tight jeans mugged a man inside his 76th Street building on March 26.

The victim was on the second-floor lobby of his residence between 16th and 17th avenues at 1:25 am when a knave wearing a white knitted cap, red jacket, and figure-hugging denim pants approached him and told him to hand over all of his money or he’d “break his face,” according to a police report.

The man coughed up $20–$25, and the robber took it and ran off as fast as his taught trousers would allow — likely through the front door, which the victim heard open shortly after the ordeal, cops said.

Anti-social media

A man’s date was ruined when a goon punched him and swiped his money, phone, and shoes on 71st street on March 17.

The Casanova was leaving a grocery store between New Utrecht and 15th avenues at 5 am in the midst of a romantic get-together, when the bozo slugged him and relieved him of his cellphone, Jordan sneakers, and $50 before running off, cops said.

The victim couldn’t provide police officers with his phone’s serial number, but he was able to tell them his Facebook account name in hopes that would help them find the mobile.

In a scrape

A crook stole from an Avenue T deli on March 27 and then beat a man who tried to chase him down.

The shoplifter employed his five-finger discount at the bodega near W. Sixth Street just after 2 pm, then made a break for it with some buddies, police said.

A 57-year-old man took off in hot pursuit of the rustler, but his leg started hurting after a block, and he fell to the ground and scraped his knee, cops said.

Instead of taking advantage of the opening to make a clean getaway, the lout used it as a chance to rack up another charge on his rap sheet, turning around and returning to hit his fallen pursuer with a stick, cops said.

While you were sleeping

Police arrested a serial subway pickpocket for allegedly engaging in the act once again on a Manhattan-bound D train on March 21.

A witness says he was on board the locomotive near 79th Street at around 1:10 am when he spotted the suspect allegedly rifling through a sleeping man’s jacket pockets and then toss a packet of cigarettes out, police said.

When the victim awoke, the witness filled him on what he’d missed, and the sleeepy-head found that, sure enough, his cell was gone and his smokes were on the seat next to him, cops said.

The witness then pointed the suspect out to police, who slapped cuffs on him, and later discovered he has targeted sleeping straphangers in the past, according to a report.


Two highway robbers beat up an 18-year-old man for his cellphone outside the New Utrecht Avenue train station on March 23.

The victim told cops he was leaving the subway stop at 62nd Street at 10:45 pm when one of the brigands approached him and asked if he had the time. He responded that he did and took his cell out of his pocket to check the clock, but the ne’er-do-well instead tried to snatch the phone, police said.

When victim resisted, the second brute ran across the road, and the pair started punching the phone owner until he gave up the goods, before hoofing it up 16th Avenue and then Midwood-bound on 61st Street, police said.

Big haul

Cops collared a man who they say swiped tires and rims from eight vehicles at a van-rental business at New Utrecht and 15th avenues on March 23.

A witness reported seeing the suspect and some others allegedly swiping the auto parts from the lot at around 11:20 pm, and when police arrived, they found the ill-gotten goods in the back of the suspect’s own vehicle, according to a report.

— Ruth Brown

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