Mario’s the ‘Word’ as magician brings Keaton-eque approach

Mario the Magician brings his vintage tricks to Greenpoint's Word on Aug. 29.

This is more than just kid’s stuff.

Yes, the usually high-minded Word Bookshop in Greenpoint is bringing in a magician — a magician?! — to entertain kids on Aug. 28, but Mario the Magician is no ordinary pull-a-quarter-out-of-your-ear kid’s performer.

In fact, his half-hour show is imbued with classic slapstick.

“I’m a huge fan of Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and the Marx Brothers,” said Mario, who brings that vintage aesthetic to his one-man act. “A big goal of mine is to give that kind of comedy to younger generations.”

Mario will be accompanied by his handcrafted props, trusty top hat, and bird — Mozzarella the Dove, who always gets big laughs from the audience on name alone — but don’t expect a magic show that’s only for the 0-3 set.

“Magic tends to get that label of being super-cheesy,” said Mario. “I’m trying to break away from the cheesy Vegas-style magician that you think of at a kid’s party. That’s where my heart’s at.”

Mario the Magician at Word [126 Franklin St. at Milton Street in Greenpoint, (718) 383-0096], Aug. 28 at 1 pm. Free. For info, visit www.wordbrooklyn.com.

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