Mayor meets with NYC District Attorneys on crime, gun violence

Mayor Eric Adams speaks in front of seized firearms at a gang takedown press conference in January.
File photo by Dean Moses

Mayor Eric Adams met with the Big Apple’s five district attorneys today at City Hall, where the elected officials discussed the scourge of gun violence in New York City.

“The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the mutually shared goals of keeping New Yorkers safe, particularly from the rising toll of gun crimes,” said Adams and the five DAs in a joint statement. “The conversation was wide ranging, candid, and productive.”

Between the time when Adams took office on New Year’s day and Jan. 23, when the most recent data is available, the Big Apple has seen 82 shooting victims, compared with just 67 during the same timeframe last year. 

Nonetheless, Adams’ time in office has been marred by various incidents of gun violence, including when Police Officers Wilbert Mora and Jason Rivera were shot and killed in Harlem. The NYPD partners had been responding to a 911 call involving a domestic dispute when they were killed. 

Adams, meanwhile, has made gun violence a central issue of his tenure thus far, while promising to combat the issue throughout the Five Boroughs. 

“The mayor and district attorneys agreed that, among other things, safety and justice are not mutually exclusive, and must go hand in hand,” the group said in their joint statement. “They discussed ways that each office, the city, state, and federal partners could contribute to the fight against gun violence, as well as the ways they each could use their voice and platform to urge necessary changes to the system. They agreed to meet regularly.”