Midwood Gramps runs for Assembly as write-in

Mr. Feinblum goes to Washington: Allan Feinblum is asking you to ignore the names already on the ballot when you vote for state assembly in November, and write in his name instead.
Photo by Steve Solomonson

If you want a job done well, do it yourself.

That’s the campaign platform of a bipolar grandfather from Midwood, who’s so fed up with “pandering” one-note politicians that he’s looking to run for the state Assembly himself next month as a write-in candidate.

Retired Wall Street trader Allan Feinblum, 73, said he’d like to see topics other than same-sex rights addressed — like de-stigmatizing mental disorders, revising the national prison system, and supporting more senior centers.

“Everyone who’s running says they want to repeal gay marriage, but they’re just pandering for conservative votes,” said the maverick, whose name won’t appear on the ballot, but whom people can support by filling in his name when they cast their votes.

Feinblum’s also none too happy about incumbent Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz allegedly sidestepping the controversial mosque being built on Voorhies Avenue that’s in the lawmaker’s district, which includes Brighton Beach, Gravesend, and Manhattan Beach.

“The assemblyman’s been asked why he didn’t speak out, and he said that’s not my area,” Feinblum said, claiming that he would be involved in any issue involving civilian rights if he won. “If I was elected and it’s an issue that involves people’s rights, I don’t care where it is.”

Cymbrowitz didn’t return calls seeking comment.

Feinblum vowed to fight on for the rights of people afflicted with mental disorders.

“Recovery is possible, I am an example of that successful struggle to be fully functional,” he said.

Incarcerated folk would also have a champion in him.

“Those people are going to come out some day, and they’re not getting the treatment they need to function in society,” he said, adding that as assemblyman, he would make sure that senior centers were fully functioning as well, and stuffed with programs.

“So that retired seniors can enjoy life after giving all they had as soldiers defending our freedom overseas,” he added.

Feinblum admits he’s a wild card on a ballot that includes Independent Party candidate Ben Akselrod and Republican-Conservative Russell Gallo, but that his experience in the school of hard knocks makes him the better candidate.

“I held the same job for 30 years, I raised a family, I participated in elections, and now I’ve retired,” said the grandfather of four who has been married for 50 years. “But I’m not satisfied with my representation. I want to expose my views.”

But policy wonks think Feinblum should just throw in the towel.

“There’s a higher probability of Mars colliding with Earth than a non-party candidate winning the election,” said political analyst Hank Sheinkopf.

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