Miscreant pushes and robs senior man

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Senior dope

A thieving reprobate stooped to robbing a 70-year-old man on 20th Avenue on Sept. 25, taking $1,900 and credit cards.

The victim told police that he was near 86th Street at 6 pm, when the craven bandit shoved the frail, old man into a nearby car, before turning his pockets out and taking his valuables.

Backwards beatdown

A teenage punk stole a 31-year-old man’s cellphone on W. Third Street on Sept. 23 — and then beat the snot out of him.

The victim told police that he was out for a stroll near Highlawn Avenue shortly after noon, when the delinquent teen snatched the phone from his hands. It was only after the victim attempted to retrieve his cell that the goon started kneading his face with his fists, leaving the man bruised and bloody enough to warrant a trip to the hospital, cops said.

He’s fired

A worker of a Cropsey Avenue deli is under investigation for allegedly opening up his boss’s face with a glass bottle on Sept. 22.

The bodega boss told police that he was inside his sandwich shop between 20th Avenue and Bay 25th Street at 11:30 pm when the suspect grew unruly and started up with back talk.

It was around the time that the suspect hurled a glass bottled at his face that the victim realized he’d hired the wrong man for the job, cops said.

Back door burglar

A Bath Avenue resident learned the hard way to always lock the door, after a burglar looted his 15th Avenue home on Sept. 28.

The victim told police that he left the back door of his house near Cropsey Avenue unlocked when he left to run a quick errand at 10 am because he was expecting a worker that day.

But it was a thief that let himself in and availed himself to the victim’s jewelry and designer sunglasses, cops said.

Bathroom bandit

A 24-year-old man scared a burglar from out of the bathroom of his Van Siclen Avenue apartment on Sept. 26, and earned a brand-new bike in the process.

The victim told police that he was in his home between Kings Highway and Lloyd Court at 6:30 am when he discovered that somebody had locked his bathroom door from the inside.

He managed to unlock the door in time to see a pair of feet sprinting past the window by his toilet. In addition to finding that all the various knick-knacks and toiletries from his window sill were out of place, the man found a bike had been left outside as well, according to police.

A fan of crime

A thief sated his need for a little circulation when he busted into a 86th Street shop on Sept. 25 and stole a stand-up fan.

A manager of the store between 23rd Avenue and Bay 34th Street told police that he’s got video footage of break in at 3 am, which shows the thief shattering a window, letting himself in, and taking one measly fan.

New lease on life

A woman was conned out of $2,600 over a bogus lease for a W. First Street apartment on Sept. 21.

The victim told police that she put her name to the fake deal at an Avenue P donut shop between McDonald Avenue and E. Second Street at 11 am, and forked over the first month’s rent and security deposit before shaking hands over the supposed lease.

It wasn’t until she met with the super of the building between 65th Street and Avenue P that she discovered that the lease she’d signed for it wasn’t worth more than the ink and the paper it was printed on, and that the “agent” who’d sold her on the place was merely a two-timing con, cops said.

Taking tablets from a baby

A cold-hearted crook stole an electronic tablet from the hands of a 10-year-old girl inside an 86th Street laundromat on Sept. 20.

A store clerk told police he was inside the business between 25th and Stillwell avenues at 11:30 am when he spotted a two-legged jackal grab the device from the little girl’s hands. The worked tried his best to cut the thief off, but the animal was too quick and fled on foot, according to police

— Colin Mixson

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