Mom-strocity resigns! Thieving PTA mom steps down from Murrow board

In the slammer: Providence Hogan, the former PS 29 PTA treasurer who stole more than $80,000 from school parents, is back in custody for failing to make scheduled payments.
Photo by Gregory Mango

She’s out — again!

The Brooklyn mom who famously stole close to $100,000 from a Cobble Hill elementary school parent-teacher association has resigned from the Midwood high-school board that unwittingly elected her back into office this week after its members discovered her sordid past, according to a Daily News report.

Providence Hogan successfully ran for second vice president of the Edward R. Murrow High School parent-teacher association on Wednesday — she told voters that she was a great fund-raiser when she served as treasure of the PS 29 parent-teacher association, but failed to mention that she was also caught embezzling those funds for herself over several years.

After later learning who they had just elected, several parents called for the school to veto the vote, but there was no need — Hogan says she has stepped of her own accord.

“I resigned the post so as to not embarrass the school,” she told the paper.

Hogan was caught cutting checks to herself ranging from $6,000 to $52,000 between May 2008 and September 2010, which she used to pay for fertility treatments, as well the rent on her apartment and her business, the now-defunct Providence Day Spa on Atlantic Avenue, according to the district attorney who indicted her.

She avoided jail time in a 2011 deal after promising to pay back all the money she stole, but still spent some time in the slammer in 2013 after failing to make one of her payments.

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