Momstrocity’s debt — how she could recover

Suit reveals depth of Momstrocity’s debt!
This was Providence Hogan in court last week when she was unable to make her first restitution payment to PS 29's PTA. Now it turns out that the spa owner is even deeper in debt than originally thought.
Photo by Gregory Mango

Between the money she stole and her unpaid rent, disgraced PS 29 PTA mom Providence Hogan is allegedly more than $122,000 in the hole. But her Providence Day Spa on Atlantic Avenue is still up and running. Here’s what Hogan will have to do to pay everything back, based on her spa’s price list:

• Perform 75-minute Pure Indulgence Massages — which are $170 a pop — nonstop for the next 37 days.

• Prick 697 clients during her $175, 90-minute acupuncture sessions for 43 straight days.

• Exfoliate 938 clients with $130 Divine Facials from now until the end of September.

Hogan could exfoliate 938 clients with the $130 Divine Facials from now until the end of September.

• Spend all of the next 49 days limbering up 787 clients willing to pay $155 for a 90-minute Joint Renewal Massage.

• Scrub the feet of 10,166 clients with jojoba beads at $12 a session.

• Wax off the pubic hair from 2,033 clients who have bought a $60 Brazilian — ouch!

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