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More car break-ins!

Walkin’ on broken glass

Another serial car window smasher is on the loose in Windsor Terrace, even after cops already collared one suspect last month. Last week, a perp broke into at least two cars, but luckily for owners, didn’t end up stealing anything. Here’s a round-up:

• A man saw a smashed car window at the corner of 18th Street and Seventh Avenue on Oct. 18 near Seventh Avenue just before 1 pm. The 2008 Acura sedan was sitting in a pool of broken glass.

• Perps destroyed a new Toyota’s window on Oct. 19, but car’s owner told cops nothing was stolen. The man, who lives on 17th Street, had parked his car around the corner near 18th Street and 10th Avenue, but when he came back for it at 10 am, the driver’s-side window was smashed.

Brick house

A punk threw a brick into a house on Sherman Street on Oct. 19, but didn’t actually crawl in to steal anything.

The victim, whose house is between 11th Avenue and Terrace Place, went downstairs at around 10 am to find her living room covered in broken glass, and half a brick sitting on her carpet.

Gone baby gone

A perp jacked a brand new Volkswagen Jetta on Oct. 12 from its parking spot at the corner of Eighth Avenue and 15th Street. The car’s owner told cops that she’d parked her car when she got home at around 11 pm — but when she went back outside two hours later, the car was gone.

— Sarah Portlock

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