More violence at a Fort Greene train station

There were at least four more violence incidents at a Fort Greene subway station last week — an eerie echo of a spate of four attacks at two other stations nearby.

In the most terrifying of the new incidents, a transit terror jumped a 30-year-old woman trying to exit the Lafayette Avenue subway station on Nov. 13, dragging his victim down a flight of stairs during the daring afternoon heist.

The victim was exiting the station at S. Oxford Street and Greene Avenue at 2 pm when the thief grabbed her from behind, clamping a beefy hand over the woman’s mouth.

He then pulled the woman back into the station, where he took her cell phone and ordered the woman to give up her purse by screaming, “Bag! Bag!” according to police.

When the brave woman refused, the thief beat her — leaving the woman with a smattering of injuries — and ran off with her purse, police said.

Saturday’s harrowing hold-up was one of three robberies to take place in and around the Fort Greene A train station last week. The roundup includes:

• Three thugs tried to take a 15-year-old’s cellphone at the S. Portland Avenue side of the station on Nov. 8, but the noon robbery was thwarted by a token booth clerk. The teens were arrested shortly after fleeing the station, police said.

• A second woman was robbed on Nov. 10 as she walked down Carlton Avenue between DeKalb and Lafayette avenues — moments after leaving the station. The thief, possibly the same miscreant responsible for the Nov. 13 mugging, grabbed the 28-year-old from behind at 1:30 am, placing his hand over her mouth.

“Everything from your pockets,” the thief ordered before punching his victim in the face and running off with the woman’s belongings.

The A train violence follows a fortnight of crimes at the Clinton-Washington stations on the G and C lines earlier this month, but police have made an arrest in those cases.