Muggers beat Gravesend coin dealer to death

Three thugs abducted a Gravesend coin dealer outside of his shop early Tuesday evening and brutally beat him to death before dumping his battered body in Midwood, according to police.

Cops found Steve Halfon, 61, of Midwood, beaten to a pulp with severe head injuries near his house on E. Seventh Street — the victim of a vicious daylight attack on Kings Highway between E. Second Street and McDonald Avenue.

The muggers are believed to have pulled up to the shop at around 5:10 pm in two cars — a Volvo and an Infiniti — and threw Halfon in the Volvo, where they beat him savagely before driving off — according to the Post.

They dumped him 10 minutes later near the coin dealer’s house. It is unclear if anything was stolen.

Cops are still investigating the attack but released a video Thursday afternoon showing three suspects getting out a car.

Halfon was none to carrying large amounts of cash, according to the Post.