Mugging on 83rd Street

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Clothing crook

A thief mugged a man on 83rd Street on Feb 27.

The victim said he was near 18th Avenue at 4:50 am when the crook came behind him and slugged him in back of his head. The thug took the victim’s backpack, which contained clothes.

Glass club

A thug assaulted a man inside his 20th Avenue apartment on Feb. 25.

The victim told cops he was in his home between 70th and 71st streets at 10:32 am when the goon snagged a glass bottle and used it to club the victim over his right eye.

Pay day

A crook robbed a restaurant on 20th Avenue on Feb. 22.

Employees at the restaurant between Bay Ridge Parkway and 74th Street told cops that the thief busted into the through the front door at 11 pm and grabbed $2,000 from the cash drawer located in the back of the restaurant.

Construction crook

A thief looted a construction site on Bath Avenue on Feb. 17.

Police said the crook entered the location between Bay 19th Street and Christopher Columbus Boulevard at midnight and nabbed several expensive power-tools, including a brass flange, drills, and a hammer drill.

Through the window

A thief took jewelry and cash from a W. Second Street apartment on Feb. 25.

The victim said the crook entered the home between Avenue P and Quentin Road through a window in the children’s room at 5 pm, taking the jewelry and $500.

Basement burglar

Cops arrested a man who they said was suspected of the burglary of an 85th Street apartment on Feb. 26.

Officials claim the man entered the residence between 25th and Stillwell avenues through a basement door at around 3:45 am, taking various electronics and jewelry.

Purse snatcher

A grabby thief robbed a woman on W. Fifth Street on Feb. 25.

The victim told police that she was passing Quentin Road at 6:30 am when she noticed that a man had followed her for about a block. That’s when the thief ran up to her and grabbed her bag, which contained her cellphone and other electronics.

Cash grab

A perp took more than $1,000 in cash from a 76th Street apartment on Feb. 25.

The resident told police that the crook entered the home between 17th and 18th avenues at 7 am, taking $1,800 and various electronic devices.

— Colin Mixson

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