Deals and meals: Myrtle Avenue presents first ever restaurant week through Feb. 26

Myrtle Avenue Restaurant Week
Nine restaurants in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill are offering special deals for Myrtle Avenue’s first-ever Restaurant Week.
Photo courtesy Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership/Instagram

Business is booming in northern Brooklyn, and Myrtle Avenue is hosting its first-ever Restaurant Week until next Sunday. Feb. 26. 

With inspiration from the city’s twice-annual restaurant week and help from the Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership, nine eateries in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill are offering a fixed-price three-course dinner menu for $20, $30, or $40.

In its first few days, some participants say they have already seen a steady flow of customers of both regulars and first-timers. Alejandro De Anda, a staff member at Castro’s Mexican restaurant, has been eagerly welcoming guests all weekend.

Casa Nono participates in Myrtle Avenue restaurant week
Casa Nono’s chef says the Italian eatery is a local favorite, and their turn out for restaurant week proves it.Photo courtesy Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership/Instagram

“It’s been good, we have a lot of people coming in, specifically for [restaurant week],” de Anda said. “It’s pretty cool, you’ve got people that are in the loop about it, like we don’t have to let them know what’s going on. They know what they are going for already.”

Though this year is the neighborhood’s first time hosting an event like this, De Anda looks forwards to it becoming an annual occurrence.

“We really hope so. Definitely. I think it’s good to keep it going,” he said. “Come through, we’re here and we’ve got a great deal.”

Raffeaele Solinis, a chef at Osteria Brooklyn and Casa Nono, has also seen a great response so far. Solinis opened Osteria in August 2020 and Casa Nono last month.

“We have our locals who enjoy us very much here. That’s for sure,” he said. “We have a lot of deuces on the weekend but we’ll see this week, how it will go.”

putman's pub myrtle avenue restaurant week
Nine eateries in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill are offering special fixed-price meals as part of the event, and some say they’ve already seen an uptick in hungry customers. Google Maps

While Catro’s and others are reeling in hungry clientele, other shops didn’t have such a busy opening weekend. Kelly Chan at Dun Huang hasn’t seen many new faces just yet, something Chan things might be because of the special menu. 

“I’ve already informed my customers that we have the special menu and also our special dishes. I think that a lot prefer to do other dishes,” Chan said. 

Each local tavern boasts various dishes — ranging from Indian cuisine at Spice and Grill to American classics at Putnam’s Pub. The special menus will run until Feb. 26 each restaurant’s self-selected hours. For more information, visit Myrtle Avenue’s event website