Ne’er-do-well robs noodle restaurant

62 Precinct


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Ne’er-do-well robs noodle restaurant

A ne’er do well broke into a Bay Ridge Avenue restaurant on May 9.

Police said the owner of Mama’s Noodle House near 18th Avenue locked up for the night on May 8. When she returned the next morning, she realized the metal gate was damaged and she was missing $17,000 in cash from the register. 

Vandal paints smoke shop

A vandal tore up an 18th Avenue smoke shop on May 9.

The victim said that as he opened the store near 84th Street, he realized someone had ransacked the place — then that the back window was shattered. In addition to making a mess, the jerk had stolen $300 in cash, the entire cash register, and some of the store’s goods. Video footage caught the thief in the act.

Vehicle thief ruins vacation

Some jerk stole a car parked on West 3rd Street while the owner was away on vacation between April 26 and May 10.

Police said the victim returned from his trip and realized his 2022 BMW, which had been safely stowed near Applegate Court, was gone. He then received a call from his insurance company about an accident the vehicle had been involved in on May 5 — long before he returned home. Thanks to the accident, the car was returned — slightly worse for wear — to its original owner.

Goons attack with glass bottles

Some goons allegedly attacked a man after they started an argument with him on 62nd Street on May 14.

The victim told police he started arguing with three men near Bay Parkway at around 11 am, but was suddenly being hit with glass bottles and a lock. Cops responded and arrested all three of the alleged assailants.

Baddie steals backpack on Bath Avenue

A baddie forcibly stole a backpack on Bath Avenue on May 10.

Cops said the victim was walking near 21st Avenue when two thieves allegedly threatened to kill him if he didn’t hand over his bag, which contained a bible and prescription medicine. Police promptly arrested one of the perpetrators, but the other ran off before he could be cuffed.

Stealing in the stairwell

A pair of brutes stole credit and debit cards and electronics from a man as he slept inside a 76th Street apartment building on May 10.

The victim said he was asleep in the stairwell of a building near 12th Avenue when he was awoken by the two louts. One simulated a firearm and said he had a gun, while the other rifled through the victim’s belongings and picked out the things that appealed to him. The two then ran out of the building and into the night.