NO MORE-mar Khadafy!

The “mad dog of the Middle East,” who once flexed his muscle by defiantly ripping up a copy of the U.N. charter in front of startled delegates, is now less than a can of decomposed Alpo.

A round of NATO air strikes and a deadly bullet by one of his own rebels made chopped meat out of Moammar Khadafy last week, after the dictator was ambushed in southern Libya where he had been holed up for two months following the national uprisings against him, and where he was found skulking — get this — like a rat in a drainage pipe full of rubbish and filth.

How very fitting.

Rat holes have become the only refuges left for debunked Muslim tyrants, a routinely spineless lot — haven’t you noticed? — when justice finally comes knocking at their sewers.

Likewise for Saddam Hussein. The power-mad “butcher of Baghdad,” who used chemical weapons to kill his own Kurdish citizens — among other atrocities, was captured in 2003 cowering like a coward in a desert spider hole before being tried and publicly executed for his crimes against humanity.

Ditto for Osama bin Laden who, despite his bold reputation as a beacon of jihadist might — was discovered squirreled away like a rodent in a Pakistani compound before U.S. Navy SEALS snuffed him out in May.

In Khadafy’s case, it took nearly 42 punishing years, a civil revolution, and an international alliance of 28 fed-up nations to finally end his one-man reign of unspeakable horrors, which included the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 as it flew over Scotland. That terror act killed 259 people, 189 of them Americans, and resulted in an international blackballing of Libya.

Later, Khadafy gave a hero’s welcome to the convicted mastermind — Abdelbaset al-Megrahi — after his release from a Scottish prison on trumped-up charges of failing health.

Then, there was the acute agony inflicted by the dictator upon his dissidents — a ruthless and relentless lifework aimed at snapping their individual and national spirit.

The U.N. Special Rapporteur on Torture reported in 1999 that Khadafy’s preferred merciless methods of torment included “beating on the soles of the feet, hanging by the wrists from a ceiling or high window, or being suspended from a pole inserted between the knees and elbows, electric shock, burning with cigarettes, and being exposed to aggressive dogs, resulting in bite wounds.”

The self-professed devout Muslim also tried to stir anarchy in the U.S. during the mid-1990s by pledging to donate more than $1 billion to the divisive Nation of Islam organization — a grim gratuity the Clinton administration swiftly put the kibosh on.

Khadafy’s assassination is a delightful nod to freedom because it comes on the heels of another sweet mission accomplished — last month’s CIA-operated drone strike, which killed American-born al Qaeda henchman Anwar al-Awlaki.

The mad dog’s death delivers a crucial message to other authoritarians in the Muslim world: another thug down, a few more to go, we’re getting there — count on it.


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