Obama’s policies on gas and energy will change if he wants to get re-elected.

On March 8, 2012, the Bloomberg National Poll asked 1,002 American adults to list what they believe are the most important concerns facing the country right now. Two of the top three were unemployment and gas prices. But I would like to know where my president lists these issues.

In the fall of 2008, Nobel Prize winner Steven Chu said, “Somehow, we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.”

After being inaugurated, President Obama appointed Dr. Chu to the position of Secretary of Energy. I have to wonder why my president would want someone who wishes to see large increases in the price at the pump in that position, unless my president also wants to see large increases as well.

We learned recently that Mr. Chu has since withdrawn those thoughts, but in an election year, I give little credence to his new views.

When asked what he intends to do about the pain at the pump, President Obama replied, “As I’ve said publicly, there are no silver bullets when it comes to gas prices.”

Assuming he is correct and that there really is nothing that he can do about the prices, he certainly can help the economy by putting people to work. He can favor drilling in the eastern half of the gulf, Alaska, and offshore in the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. He would also see improvements in the job situation by approving construction of the Keystone pipeline. If nothing else, many thousands of Americans would have the opportunity to bring home a paycheck.

A member of congress recently referred to the president as “stupid.” No, no, no. I do not care for what that man is doing to my country and I agree with very little that’s been coming from the White House, but I still believe that he is smart. One doesn’t get to be elected to the highest office in the land by being stupid. He is clever, cunning, and has a wonderful way with words. With jobs being such an important issue, especially in an election year, why do we still not have the Keystone Project up and running? It’s Only My Opinion is the name of this column and here it is.

Right now Mr. O is receiving re-election contributions from the energy people who are in favor of construction and the environmentalists who are against it. As long as he does not make a decision, the bucks will still be coming in from both sides. Sometime before the election he will have to make a decision. Knowing that the employment situation can affect the outcome in November, I predict that the smart one will sign on. He will save face by approving an altered route. Now that’s my opinion. If you disagree please tell me why without being nasty. Ronald Reagan said that one can disagree without being disagreeable.

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