Packing heat: Bushwick hot sauce maker comes to craft market

Packing heat: Bushwick hot sauce maker comes to craft market
Bushwick Sauce Company

He’s leading a life of spice.

A Bushwick hot sauce and jam purveyor will hand out samples of his unique creations at the Renegade Craft Fair in Greenpoint on Dec. 22 and 23. The owner of Bushwick Sauce Company loves the kick of energy people get after tasting his sauces and jams, he said.

“I really enjoy all these holiday markets, it’s a great place for people to try products,” said Adam Brawerman, who runs Bushwick Sauce Company, which sells products at local storefronts such as Heatonist in Williamsburg and Stinky Bklyn in Cobble Hill. “I really enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm people have when they do try them.”

Brawerman will be among more than 200 local vendors showing off trinkets and foodstuffs during the two-day fair at the Brooklyn Expo Center.

Brawerman makes and sells four different hot sauces, including Scorpion Pepper Purple Carrot, Peach Habanero Pepper, and Jalapeño Cilantro Lime, along with two jams, including the classic strawberry and apple butter, all made with locally sourced products from organic farms, and all delicious in their own way. It’s nearly impossible to choose a favorite, said the sauce merchant.

“They are all my babies,” said Brawerman, although he has a fondness for one of his first products, the Scorpion Pepper Purple Carrot hot sauce.

Brawerman’s is excited for people to try his latest concoction, a hot sauce that mixes the spiciness of a ghost pepper, the sweetness of tequila, and the aroma of lavender — aptly named Ghost Pepper, Tequila, and Lavender.

The flavors blend together to create a tasty hot sauce that gives the perfect kick, and is not unbearably hot, he said.

“It’s a really unique flavor profile I don’t think you’ll see anywhere else,” said Brawerman. “It really works — it’s not different for the sake of being different. It’s a wonderful combination, surprisingly versatile, and can be on a variety of foods as well as in spicy cocktails.”

Brawerman said he chooses his ingredients to add zest to a meal, not to burn people’s tongues off.

“None of my hot sauces are like that, I’m much more about balance and flavor than I am about true heat,” said Brawerman. “I’m trying to enhance the food you’re eating, not completely overpower it with pure fire.”

Renegade Craft Fair at the Brooklyn Expo Center (72 Noble St. between West and Franklin streets in Greenpoint. Dec. 22–23; 11 am–5 pm. Free.

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Spicy: One of the hot sauces made at Bushwick Sauce Company.
Bushwick Sauce Company