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Pizza the action

Pizza the action

Cops nabbed the pettiest of petty thieves: a man who allegedly stole little more than loose change from the House of Pizza and Calzone on Nov. 10.

Police said they were watching the legendary home of the best calzone in the area because its owner reported prior thefts of the few dollars in change that he typically leaves in the drawer of the Union Street pizzeria.

Sure enough, at around 1 am, the thief again entered — but this time, Officer Anna Carrasco was there waiting for him.

Strip club

Two men were arrested after cops caught them stripping a car on President Street on Nov. 24.

Police said they collared the two 27-year-olds between Court and Smith streets at around 12:39 am after finding them with burglars tools and two catalytic converters.

Kickin’ it

A would-be burglar kicked in the door of a home on Hicks Street on Nov. 24, but he was scarred off before he could take anything.

Cops say that the man bashed his way into the house, which is near Degraw Street, at 9:50 am, but by 10 am, he was gone — frightened by a resident, an alarm, a dog or perhaps his own guilt — having taken nothing.

Bad time

A thief took advantage of a Degraw Street woman’s three-day vacation, breaking into her home and stealing a fancy TV, credit cards and jewelry.

The victim told cops that she was not home between Nov. 25 and Nov. 28, when she got a call from her credit card company telling her about some weird charges.

That’s when she called a neighbor on the block between Hoyt and Smith streets, who let herself in with a key to discover the appalling scene: the place had been ransacked, the 46-inch, flat-screen TV had been removed, and thousands of dollars in jewelry were gone.


A thief took advantage of an Ikea shopper who wanted to play with her child for just a few minutes on Nov. 28.

The shopper told cops that she was inside the Beard Street behemoth at around 4:25 pm when she left her purse on a table while she entertained her kid.

When she returned her attention to the $1,500 Chanel bag, it was gone.

The thief also got $400 and various cards.

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