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Police: Deli worker helps himself to chips and soda

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

And a bag of chips

Police cuffed a guy for taking a bag of chips and can of soda from a Fulton Street bodega on Aug. 3.

The suspect, who is an employee at the deli near Washington Avenue, took the chips and soda, and then socked another employee in the face when he tried to stop from leaving the store at about 8 am, according to authorities.

Sign of trouble

Cops arrested a woman for hitting another woman with a sign inside a Tillary Street shelter on July 30, police said.

The victim told cops the 54-year-old suspect whacked her in the face with a yellow wet floor sign inside the shelter near Prince Street at about 10 pm.

Radio pirate

Some sneak stole a guy’s work radio from a trailer inside a park on Myrtle Avenue overnight on Aug. 3, police said.

A city Parks Department employee told cops he was working in the green space near St. Edwards Street when he left for the day at about 8:45 pm, leaving his Motorola portable radio and charger inside the trailer. When he returned the next day a little after 7 am, the trailer door was open and the radio was gone, according to authorities.

Quick thief

A nogoodnik swiped a woman’s purse while she was at a movie premiere on Lafayette Avenue on July 30, police said.

The woman told cops she was at the event near Ashland Place at about 3 am when she placed her purse — containing her phone, cash, and credit cards — on a couch and turned around for a minute when some punk took it and ran off, according to authorities.

Train pain

A malefactor grabbed a guy’s phone while on a train near Fulton Street on Aug. 2, police said.

The victim was on a Manhattan-bound C train reading an article when the snake snatched his phone and ran off the subway once the doors opened at Lafayette Avenue a little after noon, police said. The victim hopped off the train and chased the punk up the stairs, but he fled with his iPhone, officials said.

— Julianne Cuba

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