Police: Man breaks into woman’s house

72nd Precinct

Sunset Park–Windsor Terrace

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Police arrested a man after he was allegedly spotted trespassing inside a woman’s 51st Street home on Jan. 5.

The victim told police the suspect broke through a door to enter her apartment between Second and Third avenues at 10 pm, where he loitered even as she screamed at him to leave.

The man did eventually leave, and police picked him up later that night on a felony burglary charge, cops said.

Pipe down

Cops are hunting the five goons that beat a woman on 57th Street on Jan. 6.

The victim told police she was hashing out a dispute with a man and a woman between Seventh and Eighth avenues at midnight, when three of their friends crept up behind her and attacked, punching, kicking, and at point, cracking her over the head with a metal pipe.

Paramedics transported the victim in “substantial pain” to Maimonides Hospital following the attack, according to police.


Police cuffed a man for allegedly attacking his ex-boyfriend with a screwdriver on 39th Street on Jan. 5.

The victim told police he has a court order of protection barring his ex from interacting with him, but that didn’t stop the man from bashing his face with the back of a screwdriver between Fourth and Fifth avenues at 10:25 am.

Police arrested the man that day on a felony assault charge, cops said.

High crime

Cops arrested a man for alleged possession of an illegal knife after spotting him smoking a joint at a Third Avenue playground on Jan. 5.

The arresting office claimed he spotted the suspect puffing on the whacky tobacky at Gonzalo Plasencia Park near 41st Street at 3:05 am, and upon arresting him discovered he had a large knife tucked up his sleeve.

Luxury lost

A thief sped off with a man’s Mercedes Benz he left running and unlocked on Eighth Avenue on Jan. 3.

The victim told police he left his keys in the running vehicle between 49th and 50th streets at 5:40 pm, and a returned a whopping 12 minutes later to find that his ritzy carry-all had been stolen.

— Colin Mixson

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