Police: Man robs liquor store and assaults employee

61st Precinct

Sheepshead Bay—Homecrest—
Manhattan Beach—Gravesend

Bottle fight

Cops cuffed a man who they say robbed an Avenue U liquor store and assaulted a store employee on April 30.

Police say the suspect entered the store between Ocean Parkway and E. Seventh Street at 4 p.m. before going behind the counter, grabbing a bottle, and running off. The store employee chased the man outside of the store, before the suspect hit the employee in the head with the bottle and fled toward Avenue T, cops said.

Cops tracked down the suspect a half hour later on the corner of Avenue X and E. Seventh Street, authorities reported.

Knock down

Two muggers violently robbed a man on Avenue X on May 2.

The two perps approached the victim on the corner of E. 22nd street shortly after midnight, when one of the baddies punched the victim in the face while other perp then began kicking the victim, cops reported. The two men then grabbed the victim’s wallet before making off toward E. 21st Street, according to the report.

— Aidan Graham

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