Police: Teen attacks senior on Brooklyn Avenue

63rd Precinct

Marine Park—Mill Basin—Flatlands—Bergen Beach

Teen spirit

Cops arrested a teenager for allegedly attacking a 65-year-old man on Brooklyn Avenue on Feb. 8.

The elderly victim was near Avenue J at 8:15 am when he was assaulted by the underage thug, who threw a series of brutal jabs, according to court records.

Missing mink

A thief nabbed a woman’s mink coat while she was busy trying on clothes inside of a store on Avenue U on Feb 2.

The woman told police that she went into the fitting room of the clothing store near E. 52nd Street at 5 pm, and came out to find that her luscious mink coat was nowhere to be found.


A car thief took off with a man’s Acura parked on Avenue R on Feb. 4.

The victim told cops that he parked his 2003 Acura RSX near E. 36th Street at 4 pm, but returned the next day and found that it was gone.

Trio of thieves

Cops arrested a suspect who they say, along with two other goons, beat and robbed a man on Avenue N on Feb. 13.

The victim told police that he was near E. 45th Street at 4:45 pm when he was approached by the trio. One of the thugs threw the man to the ground, at which point the crooks reached into the victim’s pockets and took his cellphone and iPod, cops said.

Cabinet crusher

A man was arrested after allegedly destroying a man’s cabinet, threatening to shoot him, and assaulting him on E. 45th Street on Feb. 10.

The victim, who lives near Avenue H, told police that he placed his cabinet drawer near his roommate’s door at around 2:45 pm, and returned to find his furniture smashed.

When the victim confronted his roommate, the man pointed a firearm at the victim and threatened to shoot him, according to court records. The jerk then allegedly shoved the victim to the floor.

Credit crook

Cops arrested a crook who allegedly nabbed credit cards from a woman on Avenue U on Jan. 12.

The victim was at her workplace near E. 54th Street at 9 am when she left her purse in an employees-only back room. The victim returned later to find that her purse had been pillaged and that two credit cards were missing.

— Colin Mixson

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