Police: Woman committed no crime seeking refuge at private doorway

Police: Woman committed no crime seeking refuge at private doorway

Video of a white woman calling 911 on a black woman for seeking temporary shelter beneath the doorway of her Park Slope apartment building on July 22 went viral, and police say the woman’s attempt to stay dry didn’t break the law.

“It was determined that no crime was committed,” said a spokeswoman for the Police Department.

The Park Slope resident — now known to the internet as Doorway Debbie — called police on Darsell Obregon after she refused to leave the refuge of her Fifth Avenue doorway between President and Union streets during a sudden downpour at 6:03 pm, cops said.

In a video of the incident Obregon uploaded to Youtube, the Fifth Avenue resident could be heard giving police an unflattering description of Obregon, as she demanded police assistance.

“She’s pretty old to be doing this, like 50, heavyset, I would consider that, [wearing] blue jeans with rips in it, like she’s 20,” the woman told a 911 operator.

When Obregon’s car arrives, the other woman tried to prevent her from leaving, and told her Uber driver that he’d be complicit in his passenger’s phony crime.

“If you go anywhere you’ll be committing a crime as well, you know that right?” she said.

Patrolmen sent to the scene determined that the “victim’s” complaint was unwarranted, according to a spokesman for the department.

“Officers made the determination at the scene that there was no crime,” a different police spokesman said.

Obergon’s video has since earned “Doorway Debbie” Internet infamy, and a post about the incident she made on Facebook has garnered nearly 10,000 shares.

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