Polls close in Brooklyn, unofficial primary results roll in

The second half of this summer’s split primary elections has come and gone, with most races expected to be called Tuesday night.
Photo by Ximena Del Cerro

Polls are officially closed for the Aug. 23 primary elections, and results are beginning to trickle in.

Brooklyn voters had the chance to vote for candidates running for congress and state senate from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday.

New York’s ongoing redistricting process sliced the primary in half, and this is the second time this summer voters headed to the polls. During the June 28 primary election, Brooklynites cast their ballots for governor, lieutenant governor and state assembly, as well as for Brooklyn judgeships, District Leader and County Committee positions.

Low voter turnout was reported across the city throughout the day (just as it was last go-around), but those Brooklynites who did hit the polls told Brooklyn Paper they were voting with a number of issues in mind — among them, reproductive rights, climate change, and protecting police officers.

Above all, though, Brooklynites expressed their desire to perform their civic duty — and many in Park Slope confessed they had trouble choosing from the crowded field of similarly-minded candidates running to represent NY-10.

As of a 6 p.m. tally released by the city’s Board of Elections, 79,304 Brookynites had cast their ballots — approximately 33 percent of all votes cast across the city Tuesday.

Below is a list of who appeared on the ballot where there is a competitive race. Brooklyn Paper will update each race with the leading candidates as results become available from the city’s Board of Elections (BOE). Incumbents are listed in italics, leaders are listed in bold, and winning candidates will be marked with a star when races can officially be called.

All other districts included candidates who were running unopposed and therefore, will sail ahead into the November general election. Primary winners will also appear on the ballot on Nov. 8, 2022.

Congressional races

7th Congressional District: Nydia Velázquez (D)*, Paperboy Prince (D)

8th Congressional District: Hakeem Jeffries (D)*, Queen Johnson (D)

10th Congressional District: Peter Gleason (D), Daniel Goldman (D), Elizabeth Holtzman (D), Jimmy Jiang Li (D), Mondaire Jones (D), Maud Maron (D), Yuh-Line Niou (D), Carlina Rivera (D), Brian Robinson (D), Jo Anne Simon (D), Yan Xiong (D). There is no incumbent candidate in this newly-created district.

Editor’s note: Goldman declared victory shortly after 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, but with just over 1,200 votes between him and Niou, Niou says she will not concede until every absentee ballot is counted.

11th Congressional District: Nicole Malliotakis (R)*, John Matland (R); Komi Agoda-Koussema (D), Brittany Ramos DeBarros (D), Max Rose (D)*

State senate races

21st Senate District: David Alexis (D), Kevin Parker (D)*, Kaegan Mays-Williams (D)

23rd Senate District: Sarah Blas (D), Rajiv Gowda (D), Bianca Rajpersaud (D), Jessica Scarcella-Spanton (D)*; Sergey Fedorov (R), Joseph Tirone (R)*. This district’s incumbent, Diane Savino, is not running for reelection.

25th Senate District: Jabari Brisport (D)*, Renee Holmes (D), Conrad B. Tillard (D)

26th Senate District: Andrew Gounardes (D)*, David Yassky (D)

59th Senate District: Francoise Olivas (D), Kristen Gonzalez (D)*, Elizabeth Crowley (D), Nomiki Konst (D), and Michael D. Corbett (D). There is no incumbent as this is a new district.

Last updated at 11:30 p.m. Check back Wednesday for continued primary election result coverage.