Pooches battle it out in Doggie Olympics

Casey the border collie takes the silver medal, with proud owner James Gallagher.

Saturday was the day when the best and the brightest came out to show their skills, the day when stamina and endurance were tested. That’s right, it was the sixth annual Doggie Olympics in Marine Park.

It was a star-studded collar event in the Park with dogs of all breeds participating in challenges such as best dressed, highest jumps and doggie/owner dance. Chico, a long-haired Chihuahua and model who has been on “Animal Planet,” won best non-athletic trick for his “Pretty Boy Sit.”

Chico may have looked the part but it was Daisy, a pitt bull mix, who won the gold for overall in the events. Daisy, who was abandoned at a firehouse at 3 months old, has been competing for three years and this is her second year in a row winning the gold.

“She’s a good breed ambassador for pitt bulls. Good with kids and easy to train,” said owner Peter Johnston.

The silver medal was awarded to Casey, a Border collie, while Bosco, a boxer, claimed the bronze.

— Michelle Manetti

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