Poverty made him do it

Pauper heist

A thief robbed a 22-year-old of $34 on Avenue W on May 15 — because he was poor.

The victim was entering an apartment building inside the Sheepshead Nostrand Houses, which is near Nostrand Avenue, at 12:45 pm when the thief walked up to him.

“I’m sorry to be robbing you, but I need the money,” the thief said before swiping his victim’s cash.

Vendor vixen

A thief broke into a food vending truck parked on Cropsey Avenue in Coney Island on May 11.

The owner of the truck said someone forced open the door sometime after 11:50 pm and made off with the cash register.

Drug heist

A gunman barreled into a Nostrand Avenue pharmacy on May 13, taking an assortment of powerful painkillers.

Workers at Kings Bay Chemists, which is near Avenue W, said the thief entered just before 11:30 am and flashed a firearm.

“Give me Percocet and Vicodin,” the thief demanded.

The suspect didn’t get the drugs he wanted, but got the next best thing — an assortment of Oxycodone.

The thief was last seen fleeing the area in a gray-colored SUV.

Ordered and robbed

A thug robbed a 20-year-old victim on May 12 during a crazy confrontation on Bragg Street.

The victim was walking between Avenue W and Avenue X at 3 am when the thief shouted out to him.

“Come over here or I’m going to shoot you,” the man screamed.

After the victim did what he was told, the thief took him to the lobby of a nearby apartment building and robbed him of his property.

Cycle swipe

A thief took a bicycle from Ray’s Sheepshead Cycles on Coney Island Avenue on May 8 by hiding the hot wheels in plain sight — in an alley behind the store.

Workers at the cycle shop, which is between Avenues X and Y, said the thief entered the store at 6 pm and began asking a bunch of questions.

But when an employee went to help another customer, the thief quietly moved a $4,400 bike to the alley. He then casually walked out of the store, retrieved the bike, and rolled off with it.

Brita bilk

A thief was arrested on May 16 after he tried to sneak a number of Brita Water Filters out of an 18th Avenue store.

Workers at the CVS near 65th Street said the thief was leaving with the filters at 5 pm when the employee tried to grab him.

The thief fought the employee off, only to be arrested for robbery a short time later.

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