Rally on!

Thousands gathered at Grand Army Plaza on Sunday to protest Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards project. Speeches were lengthy, so we thought it best to provide excerpts of the more-moving moments.

“Roses are red
I like William Shatner
but I am opposed
to the Atlantic Yards project.
Affordable housing
but eminent domain?
I play a lot of crazies
but that sounds insane.”

Steve Buscemi, actor and Park Slope resident

“Something that is making me a little uneasy is that we have this Devil, this Devil by the name of Bruce Ratner…”

The Rev. Billy, Performance Artist

“As a person born and bred in Brooklyn, without too much bread, this plan is insulting to poor people and we deserve better … Seriously, do the right thing.”

Rose Perez, actress and Brooklyn resident

“I’d rather be on my front steps playing mandolin … but for too long we have been complacent about a development that could destroy our neighborhoods.”

Dan Zanes, kiddie rock star

“I apologize for being late, but I was in church and whenever I go to church I get inspired to fight. ARE YOU FIRED UP?”

Councilwoman Letitia James (D–Prospect Heights)