Rep. Towns tops Barron

Leave it to City Councilman Charles Barron to spin a big loss into a win.

The outspoken Barron lost to longtime Rep. Ed Towns by a nine-percent margin, 47-38 percent, with Assemblyman Roger Green taking the remaining 15 percent in the race for the 10th District, which covers parts of DUMBO, Fort Greene, Prospect Heights and Boerum Hill.

“I certainly did not lose,” Barron told The Brooklyn Papers. “We’re building a movement and we’ll be back in 2008 [when Towns is not expected to seek re-election after a lucky 13 terms].”

Barron, who said he spent $100,000 to Towns’s $1 million, said any incumbent who wins by only nine percent is the loser.

“If you add in what Roger Green got, it shows that 53 percent of the district — the majority — wanted Towns out,” Barron said.

But Barron saved his strongest words for Green, the assemblyman who had promised to abandon the race to give a Barron a clean shot at the incumbent.

“Roger Green should be ashamed,” Barron said. “He did a huge disservice to the progressive movement by staying in the race. He told me he would back me and then didn’t. He stayed in to help Towns. A disgrace.”

And just so his attacks wouldn’t be solely personal, Barron blasted several unions — which didn’t endorse Towns because of several key anti-union votes, yet didn’t “do enough” to get Barron elected, he said.

“Where was the get-out-the-vote drive?” he asked. “They pushed hard for Yvette [Clarke, who won in the neighboring 11th District], but weren’t on the street for me.”

Neither Towns nor Green returned calls.