Reprobate robs Romantic Depot

88th precinct station house
88th precinct station house
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

88th Precinct

Fort Greene — Clinton Hill

Reprobate robs Romantic Depot

A jerk strolled into a Romantic Depot on Fulton Street and stole a latex dental dam on May 12.

Police said the reprobate entered the store near Washington Avenue at about 10pm and filled his hands with several items from the shelves, then headed for the exit. A staff member stopped the jerk, who gave back everything he’d taken — except for a single dental dam, worth about $3. The thief threatened the employee with a box cutter, telling them “The stuff or the knife,” and fled with the dam.

Credit card criminal

A criminal stole an employee’s credit cards from her wallet at the Brooklyn Hospital Center on DeKalb Avenue on May 19.

The victim told police she left her wallet inside her purse in her office as she went about her day, but was surprised to receive a notification from her bank at around 10 am that her debit card had been denied at two nearby stores. She hurried back to her office, where she found the cards missing from her wallet and one unauthorized charge of $370 on her debit card.

Tech stolen from parked car

Some punk broke into a parked car on Willoughby Avenue and stole some pricey tech left inside on May 19.

Police said the victim parked his vehicle near Emerson Place just after 11:30 am and walked away for about ten minutes — leaving the car unlocked. When he returned, he realized someone had grabbed his Apple iPad along with its keyboard case and wireless charger, and a Bosch brand laser measure, all in all worth more than $2,500.

Fake bond baddie

A baddie tricked a Portland Avenue man into sending them cash on May 22.

Police said the victim received a call from an unknown number at about 2 pm that afternoon. The trickster on the line said she was an officer with the 88th Precinct, and that the man needed to send nearly $2,000 through the payment app Zella to post bond for his son, who had been arrested. After he wired the money, the victim saw his son — who had never been arrested in the first place.