Righty’s got the ink on

Cyclones reliever Will Morgan may be leading the team in ERA this season, but he’s looking to lead the team in another category not found in any professional box score: tattoos.

Currently sporting a wicked tribal tattoo with a baseball in between his shoulders, Morgan sees himself adding a few more pieces into his collection in the near future.

“I only have this piece on my back right now, but I want to get something on my calf for my grandpa,” said Morgan. “I don’t know when I’m going to get it though. I’d also like to get something done while I’m in Brooklyn, too; it would be cool.”

The 22-year-old Californian is so into tats that he’s even getting his teammates in on the inking action.

“I know that [outfielder Raul] Reyes wants to get a Virgin Mary on his forearm,” said Morgan. “[Reliever Steve] Clyne and I were going to get one on our last day off, but the tattoo parlor was booked full. He wants a cross on his back and it’ll be his first tattoo, so it makes me feel good knowing I went with him.”

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