Robbed on delivery

63rd Precinct

Marine Park—Mill Basin—Bergen Beach—Flatlands

Fed Ex rob

Two goons held up a Fed Ex deliveryman on E. 57th Street on Nov. 7.

The deliveryman was about to make a drop off near Avenue N at 10:11 am when the thieves stopped him from exiting his truck.

“I need you to get back in the truck,” one of the theives said before robbing his victim of his cash, cellphone and glasses.

Ralph grab

A thug jumped a 65-year-old woman on Ralph Avenue on Nov. 7 — ordering her to give up her property.

The victim was nearing Flatlands Avenue at 3:35 pm when the thief approached.

“Don’t yell,” he said. “Give me all your stuff or I’ll shoot.”

No weapon was displayed, but the senior believed that the thief meant business — and promptly handed over her wallet.

Two on one

A pair of goons jumped a 25-year-old on Avenue L on Nov. 9, taking the man’s cellphone.

The victim was approaching E. 58th Street as he made his way home at 12:50 am when the suspects grabbed him, threatening to hurt the victim if he ddn’t hand over his wallet.

Two in custody

Cops arrested two teens who they say robbed a 14-year-old on Avenue J on Nov. 11.

The suspects, who police said were 14 and 17 years old, stopped their victim near Albany Avenue at 12:05 pm and ran off with his cellphone.

But they didn’t get far: cops caught up with the thieves a short time later after a brief search of the area.

Knuckle heads

A thug jumped a 33-year-old on E. 38th Street on Nov. 6 — striking him in the head with a pair of brass knuckles.

The two men were arguing near Kings Highway when the 6:35 pm attack took place.

Sputtering out

Cops arrested a Ralph Avenue gas station attendant who they claim bilked his boss of more than $21,000 on Nov. 7.

The owner of the gas station, located near Avenue K, said that the 40-year-old employee was supposed to deposit the day’s receipts. Instead, police say, he claimed that he was robbed and pocketed the cash.

Checkbook swipe

A thief entered an unlocked 2008 Dodge parked on Utica Avenue on Nov. 8, taking a checkbook.

The vehicle was parked between Avenues I and J at 11:30 am when it was broken into, police said.

More Utica thefts

Four days after the above theft, a second car was plundered on Utica Avenue, cops said.

The thief smashed the passenger-side window of the vehicle as it sat between Avenue J and Flatlands Avenue sometime after 1:15 am on Nov. 12 — taking a purse.

Tire thefts

A goon removed the tires from a 2011 Honda parked on Avenue N on Nov. 11.

The owner of the car left his vehicle near Royce Street at 6:30 pm. When he returned a few hours later, his tires were gone.

— Thomas Tracy

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