Rockwell Place luxury building tenants pay for leases with bad credit cards • Brooklyn Paper

Rockwell Place luxury building tenants pay for leases with bad credit cards

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill


Some fraudsters signed leases for four apartments inside of a luxury Rockwell Place residential building in September and October of last year using bad credit cards, police said.

The leasing agent for the building between Fulton Street and Lafayette Avenue said the hoaxers signed on the dotted line on Sept. 8, Oct. 4, Oct. 5, and Oct. 10.

The credit cards used to secure the leases were charged for multiple payments for each apartment, totalling $42,100, according to a police report. The credit-card company later reversed the charges, raising the alarm, law enforcement officials said.


A burglar broke into a Clinton Avenue apartment on Feb. 11 and got away just as the resident was coming home, police said.

The victim said she got to her apartment between Gates Avenue and Fulton Street at 5:45 pm, and when she reached her floor she saw the prowler coming out of her apartment. She asked if he had just been inside of her place, and he said no, according to a police report.

Then he pushed her against the wall and ran down the stairs, the report says.

Neighbors heard her yelling and chased the scalawag down Clinton to Fulton Street, where they lost him heading towards Vanderbilt Avenue, officers said.

The brute dropped a bag containing some of the victim’s property but still made off with a laptop, an electronic tablet, a portable music player, and some cash, per the NYPD.

Bump and run

Someone knocked a man’s wallet out of his hand and grabbed on Flatbush Avenue Extension on Feb. 11, according to police.

The victim said he was walking to the train with his wallet in his hand at 4 pm, and when he was between Fulton Street and DeKalb Avenue the quick crook came up from behind and punched him in the elbow.

The blow caused him to drop his billfold, and the rapscallion scooped it up and ran down Flatbush towards Fleet Street, police said.

Library larceny

A tough guy stole a man’s phone and punched him in the face in front of the library on Washington Avenue on Feb. 11, the authorities said.

The victim said he was sitting down in the branch between Lafayette and Greene avenues at 5:11 pm when the brute grabbed his cellphone from a table next to him.

The victim confronted the no-goodnik outside and got two blows to the dome for his trouble, according to a police report. The thief fled down Greene and turned onto Clinton Avenue, the report says.

Shot in the dark

A man took a bullet in the leg on Auburn Place on Feb. 9, officials said.

The victim said he was between Saint Edwards Street and N. Portland Avenue at 9:26 pm when the shot rang out. He also told police he had no idea who did it.

War games

A burglar stole a computer from a Navy Yard office sometime overnight on Feb. 10, cops said.

The victim said he left his office near Flushing Avenue and across from N. Oxford and Cumberland streets at 8:30 pm. He returned at 8:50 the next morning to find the device gone, according to the authorities.

Wayward wallet

A man discovered his wallet taken while inside a DeKalb Avenue school on Feb. 12, according to a police report.

The victim said he was in the building between Flatbush Avenue Extension and Ashland Place at 1 pm when he noticed that his billfold was gone.

He checked his bank account and found some fraudulent transactions had been made and canceled his cards, the report says.

Car stalk

It was a tough week for motorists in the precinct, with three people reporting vehicle thefts.

• First, someone swiped a woman’s 2003 Honda Element from Hall Street sometime overnight on Feb. 4, according to the authorities.

The woman parked her ride between DeKalb and Willoughby avenues at 7:30 pm, police said. She returned at 9 am on Feb. 8 to find it missing, a report says.

• A thief drove off in another vehicle on Cambridge Place sometime between Feb. 7 and Feb. 12, cops said.

The owner said he parked between Fulton Street and Gates Avenue at 11 am on Feb. 7, and returned at 9 am on Feb. 12 to find it gone.

• Then, a thief stole a motorcycle that was parked on Lafayette Avenue sometime overnight on Feb. 11, police said.

The bike’s owner told cops he left it in front of his apartment between Washington and Waverly avenues at 11 pm. He looked out of his window at 6 the next morning and saw that it was gone, per a report.

— Matthew Perlman

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