salute the members of the Floyd Bennett Composite Squadron

AT EASE!: Civil Air Patrol honorees, from left, Sgt. Caitlyn Blanco; Sgt. Elise Slaughter; A1C Dinis Murin; A1C Sofya Murina; A1C Rashad Savage; A1C Abigail Pino; and AMN Ken Ejinkonye
Joanna DelBuono


Let’s salute the members of the Floyd Bennett Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol United States Air Force Auxiliary. The group held its annual promotion and award ceremony on May 19 at the American Legion Post on Avenue N.

After the presentation of colors and singing of the National Anthem, Commander Captain Deborah Peters presented awards to Cadets Kedar Martinez, Caitlyn Blanco, Elise Slaughter, Ahmad Wint, George LaTorre, Dinis Murin, Sofya Murina, Abigail Pino, Rashad Savage, and Ken Ejinkonye.

The Floyd Bennett Composite Squadron is a unit of the Civil Air Patrol of the United States Air Force Auxiliary and is one of the most active in New York City and one of two New York City squadrons to earn the 2017–18 National Quality Cadet Unit Award. Its main mission is to provide assistance to local authorities with emergency services, prepare cadets for leadership roles, and to educate about aviation.

Floyd Bennett American Legion Post [5601 Avenue N at East 56th Street in Flatlands, (347) 661–2038].

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