Schlock an awwww at Gage and Tollner site

Schlock an awwww at Gage and Tollner site
Photo by Bess Adler

This pink stinks.

The city is threatening a cheap costume jewelry shop operating in the landmarked former Gage and Tollner restaurant for renovating the site’s protected interior without a permit.

After inspectors discovered track lighting and pink partitions that had been installed just four inches from the original walls, Landmarks Commissioner Robert Tierney ordered that “all [alteration] work … must stop immediately” or building owner Jemal Joseph will be hit with a $5,000 fine.

Joseph could not be reached for comment.

The historic Fulton Street building in Downtown was once home to gilded age chophouse, which closed in 2004 after serving fish and steaks to Brooklyn’s original elite since 1892.

In the past decade, in the historic space has experienced turnover — a TGI Friday’s and an Arby’s both failed to draw enough customers.

But a new fashion shop, Ladies & Gents, opened inside the historic location last month and has done well with its sparkly, but inexpensive, merchandise.

The store added track lighting and hot-pink colored wall panels, altering the protected space from its restaurant days.

The city inspector had visited the site on July 25 after an anonymous tipster complained to 311 that the building had been “renovated illegally” by removing columns, blocking inscriptions of the building’s origin, and covering mirrors with wallpaper.

But the buildings inspector found the complaint was “unsubstantiated” and was resolved without penalty.

But Landmarks followed up and issued the violation. Now the agency is urging Joseph, who has 20 days to respond to the city’s letter, to apply for a permit or face fines as high as $250 a day and further violations.

The story was first reported by our sister publication, the New York Post.