Seven more horndogs captured in Boerum Hill sting

Seven more men — including one who assaulted a police officer — were busted on June 5 at a shady Boerum Hill corner for trying to get a little action from a woman who turned out to be an undercover cop.

Police from the 76th Precinct have now nabbed 20 men in “Operation Losing Proposition,” their monthly sting at the slimy corner of Butler and Nevins streets — and in all cases, the horndogs allegedly solicited sex of one form or another.

All seven of the arrests went down the same way: A car rolled up to the corner and the driver threw out a price, ensuring his arrest for solicitation, a misdemeanor.

But the details are slightly different in each case:

• At 1 am, a man offered $15 for sex. When officers moved in, he refused to be cuffed and fought back, lightly injuring one of the cops.

• At 1:05 am, another man rolled up and offered $15 for oral sex.

• At 1:20 am, a man offered $28 for intercourse. When a cop attempted to move in, the driver sped off at high speed, but eventually pulled over a block away.

• At 2:05 am, a man offered $20 for vaginal intercourse.

• By 2:32 am, the asking price for the same form of gratification was $30.

• Two men rolled up at 2:48 am, and each offered $10 for oral sex.

In all cases, the men are charged with soliciting prostitution because the exchange never gets beyond the haggling stage. Five officers — Cairly Rivera, Keith Dsouza, Ronald Pereira, Michael Ponzi and Rosemary Gomez — were credited for a very busy night’s work.