Shooting on Varet Street

Shot on Varet

A gunman went ballistic outside a Varet Street club on March 20 — wounding two people in a barrage of gunfire.

Witnesses told police that the gunman ran past the nightspot between Graham Avenue and Humboldt Street at 2:08 am, popping off several rounds towards the club’s front door. A 22-year-old man was shot in the arm and the stomach while a second victim, a woman, was shot in the leg.

BB bruise

A BB gunman opened fire on a 12-year-old girl on Humboldt Street on March 12, hitting the child in the eye.

The victim was between Boerum and Seigel streets at 2:30 pm when she felt a sharp pain in her eye.

Her cousin rushed her to Woodhull Hospital, where doctors removed a metal pellet.

Purse swipe

A thug beat a 25-year-old out of her purse on March 19 during a furious exchange at the corner of Metropolitan and Bushwick avenues.

The victim was nearing the corner at 3:40 am when the thief jumped her from behind, demanding her bag.


Two gun-toting goons grabbed a 51-year-old at the corner of Humboldt and Maujer streets on March 15, stealing his watch.

The victim was nearing the corner at noon when one of the thieves put the gun to his neck and forced him into a nearby vestibule.

Robbed of $20

A goon punched a 52-year-old man in the face during a March 14 mugging at the corner of Bushwick Avenue and Varet Street.

The victim was on his way to work at 5:50 am when the thief ran up behind him, punched him in the face and ran off with $20.

Purse gunner

A man with a gun swiped a 40-year-old woman’s purse following a March 18 exchange on Boerum Street.

The woman was between Humboldt Street and Bushwick Avenue at 6:15 am when the thief snuck up from behind, pressing the muzzle of his handgun against the back of her head.

iPhone snag

A thief attacked a 25-year-old near the corner of Varet and Bogart streets on March 17, taking the man’s iPhone.

The victim was walking to a nearby train station at 3 pm when the thug stormed up to him.

“Give me your money,” the thief demanded before snatching the phone from his hand.

Bike swipe

A thief broke into a Cook Street apartment on March 12 — grabbing an $800 bike found hanging off the living room wall.

The crook forced the front door of his apartment, located between Graham and Manhattan avenues, sometime after 10 pm.

Sandman sneak

A crook sneaked into a Kent Avenue apartment on March 13 as the tenant slept inside.

The thief rummaged through the apartment between S. Fourth and S. Fifth streets sometime between 7:30 and 11:30 am, taking an iPod, sweater, coat and a laptop computer. The front door, the victim admitted, may have been left open.

Cars looted

At least two vehicles were victimized in Williamsburg this past week. Here’s the rundown:

• A thief broke into a 2000 Volkswagen near the corner of McKibben and White streets overnight on March 18, taking a camera, navigation system and a bottle of cologne. The owner of the car said that the vehicle was broken into sometime between 11 pm and 1 am the next morning.

• A goon swiped four tires off a 2011 Honda near the corner of Lee Avenue and Willoughby Street on March 16. The owner of the car left his vehicle near the corner at 7:45 am. It was found on blocks several hours later, the victim told police.

— Thomas Tracy