Silent no more! Markowitz recovers from throat surgery that rendered him mute

Oy vey! Marty is on mute after throat procedure!
The Brooklyn Paper / Joe Marino

The voice of Brooklyn is back.

A week of weird silence at Borough Hall is over, now that Borough President Markowitz is back on the job after undergoing a throat operation.

“I have to use my voice sparingly,” said Markowitz, who was still speaking softly. “It’s been difficult in terms of not being able to use the full voice that I have.”

The Beep revealed that the operation last week removed nodules from his vocal cords — a common problem among public speakers and singers. Decidedly non-borough president-esque stars such as Robert Plant and Justin Timberlake have had the procedure.

It was the second time that a doc had removed nodules from Markowitz’s pipes.

“I have a habit of speaking without the use of a microphone,” said Markowitz. “If I’m talking to a group of people, I’d rather get in the middle and speak [without amplification] — I’ll have to limit that now.”

For much of last week, the Beep’s booming version of the King’s English was conspicuously absent from the daily media frenzy.

The procedure even left Markowitz on mute the day of dueling rallies over the controversial Prospect Park West bike lane — one of his signature issues.

Now, Markowitz is happy to be back in action.

“I love being involved for Brooklyn as much as I can be,” he said. “It was very difficult [being unable to speak].”

Slowly but surely, the Beep added, he will begin speaking in public (currently he stands to the side while one of his aides speaks for him).

Letting out a chuckle, Markowitz said he was happy to be back.

“Of course, those that don’t love my opinions weren’t shedding a tear for me, but that’s OK.”